Bachelor of Science in Home Science (B.H.Sc.)

Bachelor of Science in Home Science is one of many interdisciplinary courses that combine ideas from science and arts for the well being of a home and its man-made surroundings. B.Sc. in Home Science is a bachelor’s science degree with course duration of 3 years.
Home Science may be defined as the study required to develop home or family life within a changing society, with the aid of scientific knowledge and methods. The subjects involved in making Home Science an efficient learning tool for better-living are PCB, good hygiene, efficient rural development, well community living, art, better food, clothing, textiles, and proper home management etc.
In current times, Home Science is gaining huge popularity among students owing to its wide application in industries such as food preservation, clothing, textiles and home interior decoration etc. The course is not just restricted to cooking and stitching, and is multidisciplinary in nature, incorporating knowledge of social sciences, physical and biological sciences in addition to the five core areas of Communication and Extension, Human Development, Fabric and Apparel Sciences, Resource Management, and Nutrition and Food.

  • Course Duration 3 Years
  • Course Level – Undergraduate
  • Admission Process – Direct
  • Mode – Full-time Course

Candidate must have passed class 10+2 from any recognized central/state board.

B.Sc. (Home Science) Course Fee

  • First Year – Rs. 3,000/-
  • Second Year – Rs. 4,000/-
  • Third Year – Rs. 5,000/-